EFUEL signs an agreement with Wallbox

EFUEL is a DistIT-owned company specializing in EV charging solutions. EFUEL’s partnership with Wallbox ultimately means that the Wallbox product range will be added to EFUEL’s assortment in both Sweden and Finland.

STOCKHOLM, October 27, 2022Wallbox, a leading supplier of charging solutions for electric vehicles, signs a cooperation agreement with EFUEL, one of Sweden's leading distributors of electric car chargers.

EFUEL has an extensive network of installers who sell electric car chargers and installations all over Sweden and Finland. EFUEL is also considered to be one of the leading specialists in electric car charging in Sweden with a strong focus on facilitating the transition to fossil-free car ownership. The new collaboration with EFUEL ensures that Wallbox products are available to both Swedish and Finnish consumers and companies that need to charge their electric cars in a smart and convenient way.

The introduction of Wallbox is a significant step in EFUEL successful strategy to continually develop the range with the right products. By listening to the market and its extensive network of installers, EFUEL has found that Wallbox is the right partner to cover the increasing need for charging stations.
An electrifying new addition to the range is the bidirectional charger Wallbox Quasar, which was engineered to transform electric vehicles into powerful energy sources. The bidirectional charging technology lets you charge and discharge your EV, allowing you to power your home or the grid with your car battery.

These functions make it possible to use the car's battery both to buy electricity when it is cheapest and to charge with solar energy. In this way, our customers get a unique opportunity to ensure the future need for energy in the home.
By broadening the range with Wallbox's popular products, EFUEL will further strengthen its market competitiveness within the EV charging market. This collaboration also means that EFUEL will offer competitive chargers for public charging; the Wallbox DC charger Supernova of 130 KW/H and Hypernova of 350 KW/H.

“It is with great pleasure that we (EFUEL) are finally able to add Wallbox to our product assortment! We’ve had Wallbox in our scope for quite some time and have increasingly recognized what a perfect complement the Wallbox product range would be to our existing assortment. Via Wallbox we are now enabling both solar- and V2G charging; an essentiality in the transition to renewable energy dependency at home. What is more, I am also deeply impressed with Wallbox as a company and the ambition that we both share in making it easy for the consumer to be sustainable. With Wallbox in our product assortment we will continue to pursue our vision of being at the forefront of creating a future in which the usage, and storage, of renewable energy remain the catalyst for change”, says Rasmus Bender, founder and CEO of EFUEL

Wallbox invests globally in several areas within electric car charging such as software for smart energy management and innovations in bidirectional charging for the home. The company's products aim to simplify the daily life of electric car drivers, i.a. by being able to charge the electric car with its own solar cells or when electricity is cheapest. Wallbox develops products both for private individuals and semi-public environments, such as housing associations and communities, companies, and public parking lots.

For more information about DistIT, please contact:
Robert Rosenzweig, CEO DistIT
Phone: +46 70 768 50 42
Email: robert.rosenzweig@distit.se
For more information about EFUEL, please contact:
Rasmus Bender, CEO & Founder EFUEL
Mobil: +46 72 323 48 68
Email: rasmus.bender@efuel.se
EFUEL is a scale-up company specializing in EV charging solutions. With a market share of approximately 30%, EFUEL has become one of the leading companies in Sweden within the field. In 2022 EFUEL entered the Finish market; in which they have quickly gained a significant market share. Through a widespread network of electricians, EFUEL can accommodate the entirety of the current active markets with the best EV charging solutions. In line with EFUELs expansive strategy, an own brand of accessory products was launched in 2021. EFUEL also offers extensive software services for customers who want to charge at home, at work and along the road.

EFUEL was founded in 2019 by a team of like-minded individuals who all shared a passion for sustainability and green energy. Today, the company has around 30 employees and the headquarters remain firmly in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information, visit www.efuel.se

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