DistIT AB (publ): cost synergies within Aurora Deltaco in connection with the merger of the companies

In accordance with the strategy to build a common platform for Aurora Deltaco, the companies are now entering the next phase of realising efficiency improvements, which is expected to lead to annual cost savings of 22 MSEK in total and related one-off costs of 9 MSEK in total split between the second and third quarters of 2022.

In 2019, a relatively extensive restructuring and cost rationalisation was carried out that related to management functions, and at that time DistIT communicated that further streamlining was to be expected in the future. The measures being implemented in this phase of the merger are:

  • Reorganisation within the category and sales departments, which is estimated to lead to 16 MSEK in annual cost savings with start in the second quarter 2022.
  • Merger of the two companies' third-party warehouses, which is estimated to lead to 6 MSEK in annual cost savings with start in the third quarter 2022.
  • One-off costs for these projects are estimated to 9 MSEK in total split between the second and third quarters of 2022.

Furthermore, the measures are expected to lead to improved commercial proficiency as well as more efficient logistics and inventory management. This will strengthen Aurora Deltaco's business, competitiveness and cost efficiency during continued growth.

The IT integration of Aurora Deltaco will continue and is expected to be completed in the latter part of 2022, with further efficiency gains as a result.

The above measures are also part of the creation of DistIT Services, which, in addition to acting as a base platform for Aurora Deltaco, is also being developed as a synergy platform for other DistIT companies within product development, procurement, logistics and marketing.

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