EFUEL is one of the largest companies in Sweden in electric car charging with a market share of approximately 30% of all delivered charging boxes. For the past three years, EFUEL has been a strategic and ”preferred” partner to Easee, which is a world-leading manufacturer of electric car chargers.


EFUEL’s business concept is to develop the right solution for electric car charging for companies, tenant-owner associations, or public car parks.

EFUEL was acquired by DistIT in August 2021. This provides EFUEL an opportunity for an aggressive acceleration of business plans and expansion of the company, as well as benefits in the management of warehousing and logistics units, IT development and maintenance, finance, or similar.

EFUEL’s vision is:
”We are electrifying Europe.”


The company offers sales, installation and support of charging boxes to companies, tenant-owner associations, and public car parks.

The company’s offer includes:

• one of the best charging boxes on the market
• installation across the country
• world-class support
• smooth management in the app


The electric car market is in a clear growth phase, and is expected to continue to grow strongly in the coming years. Within the European market, 42% of cars are estimated to be electric by 2030. Nordic countries, such as Norway, Sweden and Finland, are among the markets in Europe today with the highest level of preparedness.

In Sweden, there are currently around 240 000 electric cars, and the number is estimated to be able to grow to 2.5 million vehicles by 2030.

EFUEL expects that the market for charging infrastructure for electric cars (e.g. charging boxes) will grow in the coming years in line with the increasing market trend.

EFUEL will continue its success in the Swedish market, and also expand to other Nordic markets and further on to Europe.


As a ”preferred” partner to Easee, the company offers one of the best charging boxes on the market. The charging box from Easee together with EFUEL’s app is the complete solution for the electric car.

The solution is also the most intelligent on the market, with its integrated electricity meter, earth-fault circuit breaker type B, and 4G E-sim that allows control of the box completely from a mobile phone app. Via the app, you can pay/charge for charging, schedule charging and reduce/increase the charging speed. Easee also has patented local phase balancing for boxes installed in a series connection, which allows maximum utilisation of available power.

The company alsooffers its customers a rangeof accessories and cabling under the brand ”EFUEL”.

EFUEL in focus – DistIT’s latest acquisition

Four questions to Rasmus Bender

Who are EFUEL?
We are experts in electric car charging, and have an estimated market share of approximately 30% of all delivered charging boxes in Sweden. As a ”preferred” partner and distributor to the world-leading manufacturer Easee, EFUEL ensures that the transition to more sustainable car ownership is accelerated. With the market’s best charging box and a wide network of installers, EFUEL can provide the whole of Sweden with the best solution for electric car charging at home, at work, and on the road. EFUEL offers a range of own brand labels in installation products and accessories, such as charging cables.

We also offer an operator service for customers who want to charge at home, at work and on the go.

Tell us more about your operator service
With our operator service (app), we make it easy for our customers, both companies and private individuals, to keep track of and manage their charging. The service includes scheduling charging for the end user, as well as the administration and payment of charges for companies and tenant-owner associations. The service also includes that the user can charge on the road.

Who are your customers and how does the market look?
We are in the middle of an expansion to Finland and Germany. In addition, we plan to gradually add new geographical markets, primarily in the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

We expect that the market for charging infrastructure for electric cars in the Nordic region will grow by 70-100% per year in the coming years and that this trend will also gain momentum in the rest of Europe, in different phases for different countries and regions.

What is it like to be part of the DistIT group?
Together with DistIT, we can do what we do best – to make it easy for people to own an electric car. The merger has really only meant that we can do it even faster, bigger, and better.

The DistIT Group’s presence in markets for electric car charging supports further acceleration and wider expansion for EFUEL. In addition, it is possible to be included in a tender agreement as a DistIT-listed company. We also benefit from the DistIT Group’s other product range, logistics, access to financing, and opportunities for product development.

I am extremely proud of EFUEL and to be a part of DistIT.

Philip, Robert, Rasmus