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In 2020, the Septon Group placed great focus on restructuring the business’ companies in order to achieve identified economies of scale. The Septon Group follows the Group’s strategy for developing its own brand labels (OBL) and has several projects underway to develop and scale up that business area.

Septon creates added value for suppliers, customers and end users by offering expertise and an attractive range of AV products, as well as lighting equipment in the Nordic region. Septon’s vision is to be the strongest partner for the professional lighting industry, AV integrators and retailers in exclusive home electronics. Septon shall be respected for its qualified employees and high level of service, with quality in every part of the implementation.

Septon has three main business areas. Professional AV products for the B2B market, exclusive consumer electronics products for the B2C market, and light-related products for the B2B market. The model provides less risk exposure as both brand representation and market processing look different between the different business areas.

Within professional audio/video products (Pro AV) and lighting, Septon represents world-leading brands on an exclusive basis in the markets in which they operate. Septon’s model involves representation via dealers, integrators and installers. At Septon, product, sales and marketing work across borders in Scandinavia in order to streamline and better utilise the collective expertise found in the group.

Within B2C, Septon represents a number of exclusive brands for retail and e-commerce. The company has a selective distribution representation that gives customers the possibility for good earnings while ensuring the brands’ continued status and exclusivity. This is a model that is also applicable to the growing segment of e-commerce, where Septon methodically increases its presence. Septon also has a growing department within ”smart home” and consumer products for installation, where demand has increased during the past year.

The own brand TiGHT LED has from the beginning shown stable growth in LED lighting aimed at theatres, cultural centres, TV productions and architectural applications in B2B. The focus has been on designing and producing unique and cost-effective LED products aimed at the professional lighting market.

Within B2C, Septon represents a number of exclusive brands for retail and e-commerce, such as Harman Pro, Marantz and Klipsch.

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